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Restored and Pre-Owned Pianos

Featured piano this month

Steinway A-3 #174178 

“For pianists & enthusiasts of Steinway pianos, It is
agreed that the Steinway A-3 is the best of all of the models they ever

They are known for exceptional tone evenly
balanced throughout the entire scale. 

The restoration of this A-3 just completed included the following work:

New Pin-Block, Re-Stringing, New Damper Back Action, New
Hammers, Hammer-Shanks & Flanges, Back Checks, Key Re-Bushing, Gorgeous Flame Mahogony.

New soundboard and restoration work done by Dale Erwin. In everyway the piano appears like new . The crown is ideal so the tone is full and sustained. 

A real gem-

  Call for pricing.

1913 Blüthner- A Classic German Piano

Beautifully restored with a modern Renner action and Kluga keys. Magnificent tone, 6’4″ Cream Ivory with gold trim. Classic German Piano at its finest. This piano was in a German officer’s club in WW1, a fascinating provenance. 

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Seiler Model 180 Serial #165847

 Mason & Hamlin CC Concert Grand Piano

This Mason & Hamlin CC lived in a radio station studio in Sacramento, Ca. for sixty years beginning in the early 1930’s. Live broadcasts of world famous pianists were heard on the air in those days.  It was the most expensive piano built at that time and would be again today. 

Its elegant and massive design make it the heaviest production piano ever made. (Over 1,400 lbs. compared to a Steinway D at just under a thousand.)

 In the early 2,000’s a wealthy impresario who knew its unique provenance and unmatched tonal quality invested in a complete restoration of this rare concert instrument. Of significant note is the entirely new action including all brand new keys covered with plate ivory & ebony. Everything about this instrument is fantastic.


Grotrian Concert Grand Serial # 137389

Mint condition, one owner. Plate ivory keys, magnificent sound, Hi-polish Ebony. One of the top German pianos of all time. Perfect for a recording studio, home, or recital hall. 

1937 Bösendorfer- A Classic Viennese Piano

Totally restored, a collectible, with a tone and action to match. Sound board is excellent, rebuilt action, refinished, hand rubbed ebony polish. Original Ivory keyboard- Excellent condition.

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Complete restoration


Wonderful sound! 1960’s Art Deco.