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Restored & Pre-owned Pianos



The Mason & Hamlin CC 2 featured below is one of the finest American concert grand pianos ever built. This  9 ft concert grand built in New England in 1930 by the Mason & Hamlin Company was a tour de force of it’s day and,…… still is. This piano has been featured on several recordings and in fact has a recording and playback system installed on the piano by Piano Disc. Please call for more information on this piano.

Mason & Hamlin Model A #92065 with Piano Disc MX with CD

Pre-Owned Bohemia Grand Piano

Steinway S # 306387 Circa 1942.

This beautiful example of Steinway pianos from New York  has been completley restored but maintains the original Walnut finish from the period.

Steinway “B” Art Case  7ft Grand Piano