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Restored & Pre-owned Pianos


The Mason & Hamlin CC 2 featured below is one of the finest American concert grand pianos ever built. This  9 ft concert grand built in New England in 1930 by the Mason & Hamlin Company was a tour de force of it’s day and,…… still is. This piano has been featured on several recordings and in fact has a recording and playback system installed on the piano by Piano Disc. Please call for more information on this piano.

Mason & Hamlin Model A #92065 with Piano Disc MX with CD

Steinway S # 306387 Circa 1942.

This beautiful example of Steinway pianos from New York  has been completley restored but maintains the original Walnut finish from the period.

1937 Mason & Hamlin Model “B” 5’4″ Parlor grand

Beautiful restoration!!!

Pre-Owned August Förster

Steinway “B” Art Case  7ft Grand Piano

Steinway M # 276363


 Beautiful restoration and refinishing

 Rebuilt Steinway B # 205972

Circa 1922

Restored with Renner German Action parts


JB Piano currently has 5 wondeful pre owned Steinway B pianos for sale

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